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Find out about Yacht Corner, who we are, where we are and why we're passionate about the yacht sharing services we provide our clients.

Who We Are

Here at the Yacht Corner we are proud to have grown to become the global leader in yacht co-ownership, specialising in shared yacht ownership throughout the world.

It’s all that we do, we don’t try to be a jack of all marine trades, but instead stay focused on what we truly believe to be the best way to own and operate a yacht in our modern cost and resource efficiency driven society.

We recognise that motor yachting is not the most environmentally friendly of passions, but believe that through shared ownership we can help to substantially reduce yachting’s impact on our once bountiful seas and beautiful plant.

Our Unrivalled Expertise

We are told by our many hundreds of co-owners that we offer unrivalled fractional yacht expertise, genuine market knowledge with true syndication excellence and overall professionalism; characteristics that are all echoed in our company’s core values. We take our Corporate Social Responsibly very seriously, always making sure that we give generously in anything and everything we do, in the belief that good karma begets good karma.

The company’s ever growing team of dedicated specialists, be they sales, operational or service orientated, we all share a genuine passion for a enjoyable nautical life and collectively possess a range of experience and knowledge far beyond anyone else in this specialised field.

Our many happy co-owners worldwide frequently tell us they would never own a yacht outright again having better enjoyed co-ownership. This truly endorses our belief that, all things considered, co-ownership is the best way forward, providing the most pleasurable and financially savvy way to own a yacht.

What We Do

This genuine and unrivalled experience in all the different yacht co-ownership facets ensures that the Yacht Corner provides the most comprehensive advice and remains the best of breed in all aspects of yachts co-ownership.

We truly strive to continually offer our repeat customers ongoing tailored advice and support, whatever their requirements.

Relationships matter

At Yacht Corner, our core aim is to build relationships with our clients that last for the duration of their yachting lifetime. We aim to deliver a complete service from buying your first share in a syndicate, right through to eventually selling the last share in the last syndicate after many many happy years of co-ownership yachting.

For those that own a yacht outright, there is an old adage that says “the buying and selling days are the two happiest days of a yacht owner’s life!” At the Yacht Share Network, our raison d’être is to continually ensure that every single day in-between is actually much more pleasurable.

Where We Are

ComparteYate is located in what is arguably the most stylish marina in the Mediterranean, Puerto Portals. This thriving port has everything you could want or possibly need.

Our team is headed by the founders of ComparteYate, Carlos Wadstrom and Abby Lythgoe-Jenvey together with an extremely experienced management crew.

Based in Mallorca, serving the Med.

Mallorca is a global yachting metropolis. With easy access through an extensive flight network coupled with some of the best anchorages and marinas in the western Mediterranean, it’s a hard to be a combination of convenience and pleasure.

If you’d like to drop into the office for a chat we can be found at the address at the bottom of this page. Alternatively send us a message and we’ll get right back to you!