The leaders in yacht sharing

Have access to your own luxury yacht at a fraction of the price. Discover the benefits of shared yacht ownership with shared costs.

Yacht Corner are the specialists in yacht share brokerage and management. We connect people and syndicates who appreciate the advantages of owning a share of yacht as opposed to buying the vessel outright.

With over thirty years experience we’re trusted by some of the most successful and satisfied yacht sharing syndicates in the world. Our emphasis is on finding you the perfect match for your vessel and group.

Our team is ready to advise and help

We’re located in what is arguably the most stylish marina in the Mediterranean – Puerto Portals Mallorca. From here we manage our fantastic range of available yachts to share and connect investors with one another.

If you need advice, help or just have an enquiry about how the yacht sharing process works then please get in touch and we’ll see how our team can help you find that perfect yacht to suit your needs and requirements.